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Our knowledge and expertise in the integration, transformation, management and automation of spatial and non-spatial data for the oil industry, allows us to offer business solutions that meet the requirements for decision making in different areas of an organization.

SIGOE-Geographic Information System GOE

GOE provides a solution on our servers or in the cloud (SIGOE) that maximizes the power of data by providing business intelligence for the hydrocarbon sector. It supports business processes by connecting, transforming, and automating information flows from different departments within the company and integrating it with external data from multiple sources.


• Integration of spatial and non-spatial information that resides in multiple formats and applications, ensuring connectivity, quality and timeliness
• Process automation that frees you from the burden of repetitive manual tasks and ensures that the latest information is always available to those who need it
• Easy consultation and generation of reports through customization adjusted to the user's needs, interface, adjustable to the company's corporate identity
• Creation of alerts of events relevant to any device in real time and/or with the frequency defined by the client.
• Manage and maintain your data residing on GOE, customer, or cloud servers as required by the user


• Cost reduction and process optimization..
• Reduction or elimination of the need for specialized GIS and database software, hardware and resources.
• Easy and fast access to updated and integrated information, from multiple locations and devices such as: Smartphone, PC, tablet, etc.
• Improvement in the decision making process through access to unified information from multiple sources, with ease of consultation and reports tailored to customer needs.