Geomodeling Technology Corp. is a leading innovator of seismic attribute analysis and multi-scale reservoir modeling software and services for the upstream exploration and production industry. We enable petroleum companies to maximize revenue and reduce costs with software solutions and project-based services for improved reservoir characterization and recovery. We are a privately-held global company with headquarters in Calgary, offices in Beijing and Houston, and customers around the world.

Our workflow-driven applications enable geologists, geophysicists and reservoir engineers to quickly define the best reservoir targets and achieve maximum reservoir performance with reduced risk and uncertainty. Geomodeling offers integrated, multi-scale, shared earth modeling solutions by combining stratigraphic visualization and multi-attribute correlation with the latest reservoir modeling techniques. We also provide a broad range of services based on application of our software products and geoscience expertise.

Attribute Studio™ – Multi-Attribute Analysis and Quantitative Interpretation Software

AttributeStudio™ is an integrated environment for quantitative interpretation, seismic attribute generation, visualization, calibration, correlation, that:

  • Integrates advanced attribute analysis and QI workflows, with productivity tools for basic conventional interpretations.
  • Enable geoscientists to quickly derive reservoir properties from seismic attributes and move beyond conventional workflows.
  • Contains the entire workflow for advanced quantitative interpretation and seismic interpretation modeling at your fingertips.
  • Identify target zones faster, avoiding dry holes with visualization of multiples attribute volumes.
  • Discover thin bed reservoirs through advanced techniques that are below the resolution of standards.


Some of the seismic analysis tools available are:

  • 3D seismic visualization
  • Multi-attribute correlation
  • Stratigraphic Volumes analysis
  • Seismic facies classification
  • Advanced interpretation tools
  • Spectral decompositio
  • Interpretation for unconventional plays
  • Structure attributes and 3D image analysis and filtering
  • Geobody detection and mapping workflow
  • Upscaling and prediction of well logs from seismic attributes.
  • Intelligent 3D waveform horizon tracking


Reservoir Studio™ – Geological Modeling Software for Reservoir Heterogeneity

ReservoirStudio™ provides unique sedimentary structure modeling, which results in high-resolution reservoir models that follow user selected sedimentological rules. Creating models with greater stratigraphic detail than typically achieved with conventional geocellular models.

With Reservoir Studio make better decisions:

  • The models can be made with excellent results in just hours, not days.
  • Geological and geophysical information will be integrated into a single, easy-to-use platform for greater communication between your interpretation team.
  • Simulation engineers are not required to adjust geological and geophysical properties at the grid level.

    Reservoir Studio offers you unique technology for precise reservoir modeling. Some geological environments are: Modeling of top bars, turbidic channels, delta lobes, crevesse splay, among others.


SBED™ – Directional Permeability Modeling

Bridge the Gaps between Core Data and Field Scale Models SBED™ directional permeability technology models the small-scale sedimentary details that impact large scale reservoir performance. Unlike conventional reservoir-scale modeling software, SBED utilizes geological processes from upscale core plug measurements to full field models. SBED models address reservoir heterogeneity observed at both core and outcrop scale.

Seismic attributes and production data correlation
Volume attributes, horizons and interval
  • Spectral decomposition.
  • Semblance.
  • Structure Oriented-filtering.
  • Seismic facies classification.
  • Blending – Co-rendering color.
  • Geobody detection and mapping workflow.