Global Mapper is a robust and inexpensive Geographic information system (GIS) application that combines a comprehensive array of spatial data processing tools with access to an unparalleled variety of data formats. Developed for both GIS professionals and map enthusiasts, this versatile software is equally well suited as a standalone GIS data management tool or as a complement to an established GIS infrastructure.



• Supports 250+ file formats.
• Free online data sources.
• 3D rendering and elevation tools.
• Batch file conversion.
• Advanced analysis tools.
• Volume calculation tools.
• Terrain modification tools.
• Drawing and digitizing tools.
• GPS data management tools.
• Support for scripting.
• Geographic calculator integration.
• Lidar processing tools.

Terrain surface model with 3D vector features


Global Mapper includes the ability to directly access several online sources of images, topographic maps, and DEM / DSM data; uses GPS data from compatible receivers, connected to a mobile computer. Is capable of displaying, converting, and analyzing virtually any type of geospatial data whether 2D or 3D, cloud hosted or local, raster or vector, file-based or spatial database. The software converts, edits, publishes, prints, mosaics, tiles and allows users to conduct advanced spatial analysis including NDVI calculation, watershed and terrain analysis, volume calculations and much more.



Global Mapper has specific tools for the Oil & Gas industry such as:

for your company, in which it is possible to access images and base maps, it also brings specialized point types and incorporated symbols for the Oil and Gas industry, has support for loading files of seismic grid UKOOA P6 / 98, among other information. In addition to the location of the drilling platform: This tool increases the accuracy of the terrain models and the information of the remote sensors to reduce the costs of field work.

To take your GIS projects anywhere, there is the solution for Smartphone: Global Mapper Mobile, which is a versatile application that allows you to visualize geographic information, collect data in the field and use the GPS of the mobile device to locate mapping projects. Global Mapper Mobile is the perfect complement for the desktop version of the Global Mapper, Scan the QR code to download for free in iOS or Android version.

3D-modeling of vegetation from LiDAR point clouds



The most relevant characteristics of the LiDAR module are the following:

Automatic and manual classification of point clouds such as: soil, high, medium and low vegetation, buildings and bodies of water; for automatic classification additional control parameters are added in the classification.


Automatic Classification


The Global Mapper LiDAR Module is an optional enhancement to the software that provides numerous advanced LiDAR processing tools, including Pixels-to-Points™. The Global Mapper LiDAR Module is a must for anyone who uses or manages land or air LiDAR, as well as other data sets of point clouds.


Built areas extraction


Extraction of terrain elements (buildings, trees, high voltage lines, among others) for visual representation in 2D and 3D, as well as personalized 3D scanning, ideal for delineating gutters, public services networks, pipes, roof line constructions from high resolution point clouds.

Pixels-to-Points™ for creating photogrammetric point clouds from an image matrix.

Other features: cut section view, point editing, 3D personalized digitization, noise improvement through quality control, and much more.