Geographic Calculator is a powerful geodetic application with particular strength in survey, seismic, and energy exploration. In addition to single point, point database, and file conversion tools, this highly accurate transformation software includes many specialized tools such as Canadian DLS (Dominion Land Survey) Land Grid tools, Seismic Survey Conversion tools, Area of Use tools for guiding users, HTDP, Geoid Creation tools, and much more.


Geographic Calculator provides a single platform for highly accurate coordinate transformation of virtually any type of geospatial data and includes features such as:

Extensive support to databases, supporting a large number of formats such as Excel (.xls, xlsx), dBase (.dbf), Access (.mdb), ASCII (.csv, tsv), OBDC, and many more. The user can do geodesic calculations in more than 250 different file types.

Conversion of point databases, which allows the user to convert and transform simple and organized coordinates, there is no limit on the size of the database of points and vectors that support manual transformations with scaling, translation and rotation parameters.


Reference Point Selección


Also supports Horizontal Time Dependent Positioning (HTDP), models, which provide the means to predict and adjust for data transformations related to movements of the Earth's crust over time.

Interactive georeferencing, selecting the control / reference points.

selecting the control / reference points such as: GeoTIFF, MapInfo Table, ESRI World (TFW, WLD, JGW).

ESRI extension and CAD support, the user can define the coordinate transformations in the ArcMap by area of use, using the ESRI projection engine and the Blue Marble GeoCalc Engine, and in addition it has points of transfer of possible control points to split of ArcView, MapInfo, and AutoCAD de MircoStation.


Raster Transformation.


Conversión de coordenadas –“Interactive Conversion”



• upports 250+ file formats
• Support for reading and writing coordinate systems and transformations to and from Petrel™ CTL files.
• Access to the new GeoCalc geodetic registry.
• XML-based geodetic parameter library.
• Unmatched Geoid or Vertical Datum support, including VDatum support.
• Powerful Survey Seismic format support including new Seismic Survey QC Job.
• Raster geo-referencing, projecting, and vector file translation tools.
• The ability to customize and send all or part of your GeoCalc datasource to Global Mapper.
• Esri Extension and powerful CAD support.
• Great compatibility with seismic record formats, conversion of ASCII data formatted in SEG, SPS and UKOOA more quickly and efficiently.


The Seismic survey conversion , allows users to access, maintain, and convert SEG, SPS, and UKOOA formatted ASCII data faster and more efficiently. Quickly define custom reader rules to clean up improperly formatted data, convert multiple records types in the same file with a single pass and convert grid and geodetic record sets in a single pass

3D coordinate support: The Geographic Calculator includes more vertical transformations and geoid definitions than any other GIS software. Support for vertical and horizontal transformation enables accurate 3D data processing particularly useful for LiDAR files, digital elevation models, and other terrain modeling. Pair the Calculator with Global Mapper and you can even make your own Geoid models.


Horizontal Transformation



The all-in-one interface of Geographic Calculator allows users to complete a number of geodetic and geospatial transformation functions on various types of data in the same interface with unmatched accuracy and accountability. The enterprise collaboration tools such as workspaces and network folders enable consistency and repeatability of accurate data translation across your organization. This powerful application has become an essential part for the management of geographic data for companies, organizations and private users, where spatial data must be precise and consistent. When choosing, GIS professionals in the world choose Geographic Calculator for being a correct, consistent and certifiable tool.